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Addictions a la miyeko

I'm staring down the barrel of a fourth reinstallation of Windows Vista.

  • 1. I installed Daemon Tools 3.47. Hosed. By all accounts, DT is very useful; I have used it to mount DVDs with their own driver letter. This is a good thing. Just don't put it on Windows Vista yet - the authors say they are waiting for things to stablize a bit. (Read: We decided to skip this beta and wait for... Windows Vienna.)

  • 2. I installed (heaven forfend!) the ATI Radeon Mobility X300 driver package from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Needless to say, it didn't work. How dare I? I mean, really - a third party driver package? :-P
  • uldd>
  • 3. I deleted Windows.old.001 (As I said, I shouldn't know there's .001 as I should not have to see it.)


Each Windows installation takes a little over an hour. While that installation is going yet again on Hirilonde, here are some addictive things miyeko foisted upon your unsuspecting neighborhood Jedi hobbit:

  • Carnifern Pokemon. (OK, it was actually Bulbasaur she was hawking, but look, I've been addicted to sentient plants ever since the Supox utricularia in Star Control II and the elusive carnifern civilization in SimEarth.)

  • Jedi Trainer v2.2. OFCOL! Like I need another chronophage! Edit, 05:01 CST Thu 23 Feb 2006 - my high score is 21027, 82 kills, 827.27 seconds. "The force is strong with this one." No, I did not just earn that. :-P

  • Losty goodness.

    • For those who prefer the other Lost vector: "Addicted to Lost". This one is cleverly adapted from the late Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love", for those who like 1980's music vids. I must have watched it 5 times. Might as well... well, you know.

    • Here's an article titled "Lost on Oahu" about the filming locations of Lost, retyped by miyeko.

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