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Happy birthday, Banamum!

Happy 26th birthday to Banamum!

As it happens, I am 25th this year, so from now on, she will always be less than twice my age.

Like mother, like son. (That's 1950 on the left and 1978 on the right.)

Reuniting with a friend from nursing college whom she hadn't seen in person in over 40 years, 12 Apr 2005.

On Loch Ness, 01 Aug 2005.
The tour boat is the Jacobi Warrior, part of a fleet that includes the Gaussian Destroyer and Eulerian Ninja. (Not really; I'm just checking to see if anyone reads these things.)

At City Centre Guest Hostel in Edinburgh, UK, with Hirilonde (a Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook), 02 Aug 2005.

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