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To anyone who has, or is earning, a degree in computer science:
What do you think is the bare minimum of topics that should be covered in a first course on discrete math or discrete mathematical structures?
Please list 3-10 topics, as specific or as as general as you like.

In other news: Today is the two-year anniversary of my GreatestJournal and the three-year anniversary of my LiveJournal.

Highlights, 27 Feb 2003 - 26 Feb 2004
(When I have more time, I will put 2004 and 2005 highlights here.)



Mar. 7th, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Discrete mathematical structures - sounds good...
I guess I should qualify - the course description sounds a lot loftier than what we did in that class, imvho (just that RSA in SML was one of those tasks we needed to do)

Q: How much in the way of algorithms and deduction can you actually cover in a semester?
A: Not very much. Not very much at all. This class is the pre-req for our algorithms course though, so we had a brief exposure. Actually, I think all we did was use induction to show that one algorithm was equivalent to another (they were coded in SML). As for deduction, I'm not sure we spent much time on it either.

Q: What is meant by "mathematical reasoning" and "combinatorial reasoning"?
A: Proof by induction, contradiction, etc. Also, the pidgeon-hole principle. As for proof methodology or counting techniques - I can't think of anything that stuck out. I took this class 2 years ago (and hated it, but alas, I took it).

So, you have seniors taking this? This class is required for CS students, if they want to stay on track to graduate in 4 years then they take this class no later than the fall of their jr. year. Otherwise they cannot take algorithms and all the courses with algorithms as a pre-req. Algorithms, much to my dismay, is a fall-only course (i'd planned on taking it now, but instead, i'm taking systems programming because the course is unavailable.)

Tell me: what does a bioinformatician need to know of linking loaders?

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