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The sound of shattering records

It was unseasonably warm here today in Manhattan, KS, with a high of about 82F (27C).

I took one of the bioinformatics faculty candidates to dinner at Happy Valley, and found that their kung pao shrimp is impeccable.
Edit, 02:35 CST Mon 06 Mar 2006 - "bioinformatics" is edited-in; dankamongmen asks what that had to do with bioinformatics, and that's when I realized that I had tagged this entry without specifying what area the faculty position is in.

In other news: I went in to Alltel on Monday, and they gave me a hard sell for a $36 a month plan plus $2 a month for an extended repair warranty and $480 for the phone. Fortunately, I hesitated, because Sprint will let me keep my plan for $30 a month plus $2 for the warranty and $450 for the phone.

Edit, 23:15 CST Sun 05 Mar 2006 - After Sprint sent me the phone, however, I found that I have to go to Topeka and get it in-store, and so I'll have to send the phone I already received on Wednesday back (at their expense). I went in today and am now the proud owner of a new PPC6700 from UT Starcom.

Edit, 02:35 CST Mon 06 Mar 2006 - Just over $33 a month for a 400 anytime minute plan with the $3 per month extended repair plan, and for $450 I get:

  • a 3G dual-band phone

  • a 64Mb ROM/128Mb RAM 802.11b-capable PDA running Windows Mobile 5 that has a joystick, built-in keyboard, headset, 240x320 screen, and Bluetooth

  • 1.3 megapixel digicam that shoots 30s of video

Not bad, I'd say.

Tags: bioinformatics, cell phones, companies, hiring, pdas, topeka, weather

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