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Graphics, Geometry, and Vision

Speaking of bioinformatics research, visualization, and computer hardware: what is the current state of the art in "affordable GPUs" (under $600 per unit or $1200 for a pair)?

Wikipedia has a few positive things to say about SLI (Scalable Link Interface), but for the most part, they revolve around discussion. On the other hand, this benchmark by Tom's Hardware doesn't seem to show enough of a consistent performance gain to justify using dual-SLI. Sometimes it actually does worsem presumably because of the overhead lack of dual-SLI optimization.



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Mar. 7th, 2006 10:24 am (UTC)
hello, Banazir.

have you looked at ATI Crossfire? That's ATI's reply to nVidia's SLI. IIRC, both tomshardware and anandtech reported ATI X1900 Crossfire as the "new performance king".
Also, X1900s pull ahead of nVidia in performance, if anti-aliasing is turned up.

i'd love to know how you'll be using the cards for bioinformatics research... is there some place you could point me, for explanation? i'm just curious.

Mar. 7th, 2006 11:08 am (UTC)
ATI vs. nVidia and bioinformatics visualization
I've read about ATI Crossfire, but most of my students seem to be very anti-ATI. Enough of them have made a convincing case that ATI is pure evilnot as interoperable with Linux as nVidia that I'm chary of them. Then again, I'm not sure I will ever run Linux on the new ubercomputer. Have you got any anecdotal experience there, especially with dual-booting using a higher-end graphics card?

BTW, I'm open to suggestions as to the name. I was going to go with another male Vala, but I'm running out of names: Manwe, Orome, Tulkas (formerly Eonwe), and Lorien have all been used, so that leaves Ulmo, Aule, and Mandos. I am leaning towards Aule ATM. Valier names that I have used are: Yavanna, Este, Nienna, Varda, and Vaire, leaving Vana and Nessa. (I tend to name non-WinTel systems after Valier - mostly MacOS, some SGI Irix boxen.) I am currently back to "Valinorean First Age Elf" in the Valinorean First Age Elf, Beleriandic First Age Elf, Hobbit, Ent, Dwarf, Maia cycle. For some reason I've avoided human and Istar names. I toyed with the idea of making an exception for the ubercomputer and calling it Tuor, but decided against it. My PDAs are small weapons (Sting and now Angrist), my web servers and firewall systems are swords (Ringil and Anduril), my notebook computers are ships (Vingilot, Numerramar, Earrame, Turuphanto, Hirilonde so far).

Mundane stuff: Rasmol, other bioinformatcs/chemoinformatic visualization. Maybe some proteomics vis. Clustering and biclustering don't take much in the way of graphics hardware.

Thanks for the suggestion,
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