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What DO you think?

Those of you in a position to confirm or refute some claims I have heard:

  • 1. Is CIS 301 (Logical Foundations of Computer Science) thought of as a weed-out course by any of our undergrads? I have heard this stated as fact by a few students, but I can tell you that the claim is met with skepticism by the CIS faculty, so I'm looking for someone who can actually confirm it.

  • 2. Are students presently scared to take MATH 510 as second-year students?

  • 3. Is a course in database systems really foundational to Information Systems? Would IS majors nevertheless avoid it if it was a full-strength 500-level technical elective, covering database development and theory equally with applications?

In other news: I'm a little regretful to have had to give this year's Cultural Studies Symposium on Privacy and Security a miss. It seems almost perfect for a CS-Humanities interface, and I would have liked to have written that little essay on "Privacy in the Age of the Weblog: from Data Mining to Cybersecurity" that I've had brewing in the back of my head. Ah, but you see, that's been on my to-do list since October, 2005, and I never so much as sent in an abstract. Such is life when you're overcommitted.



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Mar. 15th, 2006 06:43 pm (UTC)
[CIS 301]
I was indirectly hearing this back in 1995-1998...but more from CIS GTAs talking about how badly they were curving it. If a review of the homework being turned in was both possible and ethical, that could tell you right there.

Unlike some other majors (e.g., Psych), CIS attracts people who want an income, regardless of whether the work actually suits them. And in this case, there's a fairly hard biological limit: CIS (like any of the hard sciences, and math) will be much harder if either you aren't born with the biological support for abstract formal reasoning, or haven't had the education to develop that biological support. [This is elementary developmental psychology per Piaget...I believe modern terminology has shifted somewhat from when I learned it in the early 1980's.]

So no matter how reasonable CIS 301 is, it's going to weed out students blinded by $$$ — if it's working.
Mar. 23rd, 2006 05:55 am (UTC)
If you would like a not-KSU student's thoughts (meaning what I get from my department)

1. Yes. Oddly, CS301- Foundations of Computer Science, it is. I've hard it compared to as the O-Chem of the CS department. The stuff is kinda hard to grasp, and it's very overwhelming. The fact I can't find a good book doesn't help, and my professor constantly says "aaaaaaand magic happens" as explinations to questions he works out on the board.

2. Not knowing what MATH 510 is...I can't say. I can say for us: Calc 2, Matrices and Linear equations are the two killer math classes for CS here.

3. I uh...yes. I enjoyed my databse class. I think it was very helpful, even if was taught by the business department. And yes to probably avoid a 500 level class as an undergrad.
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