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What DO you think?

Those of you in a position to confirm or refute some claims I have heard:

  • 1. Is CIS 301 (Logical Foundations of Computer Science) thought of as a weed-out course by any of our undergrads? I have heard this stated as fact by a few students, but I can tell you that the claim is met with skepticism by the CIS faculty, so I'm looking for someone who can actually confirm it.

  • 2. Are students presently scared to take MATH 510 as second-year students?

  • 3. Is a course in database systems really foundational to Information Systems? Would IS majors nevertheless avoid it if it was a full-strength 500-level technical elective, covering database development and theory equally with applications?

In other news: I'm a little regretful to have had to give this year's Cultural Studies Symposium on Privacy and Security a miss. It seems almost perfect for a CS-Humanities interface, and I would have liked to have written that little essay on "Privacy in the Age of the Weblog: from Data Mining to Cybersecurity" that I've had brewing in the back of my head. Ah, but you see, that's been on my to-do list since October, 2005, and I never so much as sent in an abstract. Such is life when you're overcommitted.

Tags: computer science, databases, logic, teaching, undergraduates

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