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R.I.P. koinegeek

I was scrolling back through my LJ friends' list when I came across an entry by wudu_wasa reporting that Ritsuo (koinegeek), a Christian Okinawan-American friend of ours, died of a sudden aneurysm earlier this month. I was quite surprised, as he was young and (to my knowledge) hale.

Condolences to Ritsuo's wife and young son. To those of his friends are reading this, please let me know if you know of any memorial fund in his honor.

Some of you may have noticed that koinegeek joined teunc a few months ago. I never got around to welcoming him, and it seems that I've missed my chance for now. To another hapa-teunke friend: fare well. Aslan guard and keep you.

Tags: koinegeek, obituaries

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