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Cool word of the month, March 2006

jnana (Sanskrit, noun) - knowledge
Pronounced "geeyahna" or "gneeyahna".
Suggested by jereeza.

Previous months' cool words:

February, 2006: sesquipedalian (English, adjective) - having many syllables; given to or characterized by the use of long words (courtesy of tears_of_nienna)
January, 2006: azanulbizar (Khuzdul, proper noun) - vale of dim streams
December, 2005: viszontlátásra (Hungarian, infinitive) - to see again (a formal farewell)
November, 2005: užas (Croatian, noun) - horror, terror
October, 2005: zokutou (Japanese, noun) - an ascending spiral
September, 2005: seb (Egyptian, noun) - star (courtesy of sahtyinepu)
August, 2005: 外国人 [gaikokujin / waiguoren] (Japanese and Chinese, noun) - lit. "outside country person", a foreigner
July, 2005: tawadu (Arabic, noun) - humility
June, 2005: balpre (Lojban, noun) - hero
May, 2005: brill (English, adjective; slang, British) - brilliant, cool
April, 2005: ܟܐܦܐ [kepa, transliterated kephas] (Aramaic, noun) - great rock
March, 2005: mashin (Farsi, noun) - automobile
February, 2005: perkele (Finnish, noun) - devil (also an expletive)
January, 2005: kinu (Japanese, noun) - silk
December, 2004: krung (Thai, noun) - city, cf. krung thep (city of angels, old name of Bangkok)
November, 2004: tane (Archnin, noun) - blood (see tanelos)
October, 2004: izulu (Zulu, noun) - interplanetary space
September, 2004: phensem (Tibetan, noun) - an beneficent attitude towards others
August, 2004: si2 pu3 (Chinese, noun) - recipe (literally, "meal score")
July, 2004: entspannung (German, noun) - relaxation
June, 2004: anapauesthai (Koine Greek, verb) - to stand still
May, 2004: tvære (Norwegian, verb) - to stretch, especially a conversation or a farewell (definition provided by tamf)
April, 2004: ber-engro (Romany, noun) - lit. "ship's master", a mariner
March, 2004: calad (Sindarin, noun, "light")
February, 2004: su (Chinese, adjective/noun) - 1. flaky; 2. a baked good with a crisp or flaky consistency, such as a cookie
January, 2004: pizdarija (Croatian, noun; vulgar) - something messed-up, feeble, or ridiculous (definition provided by jereeza)
December, 2003: basherte (Hebrew, noun) - "apportioned one" (implication of predestined/ordained mate; courtesy of yahvah)
November, 2003: panmictic (English, adjective, "exhibiting random mating within a breeding population")
October, 2003: kreteno (Esperanto, slang noun, "idiot")
September, 2003: kawai (Japanese, adjective, "cute")
August, 2003: ser (Spanish, intransitive verb, "to be")
July, 2003: cordillera (Spanish, noun, "principal mountain system of a continent")
June, 2003: kallüsáráyam (Tamil, noun, "illicit liquor")
May, 2003: hoh (Singlish, particle, "connective expression of expected agreement")
April, 2003: tmesis (English, noun, "separation of the parts of a compound word for humorous effect")
March, 2003: nerazreshimost (Russian, noun, "undecidability")

In other news:

Woo, 132 icons! I only have 99 so far. (Well, I have 530 on GreatestJournal, but that's another story.)

Can anyone suggest keywords other than:

My original 30 keywords

lighthearted, happy, funny, ironic, grave
comfort, poignant, faith, determined, support
laugh, victory, serious, scared, silence
baby, kid, adult, teacher, question
nerd, geek, dork, avatar, sam
penguin, group, phone, time, liberty

My next 50

angry, sad, irate, embarrassed, tragedy
honor, stealth, power, glory, prosperity
computer, science, math, books, music
animals, cool, fun, theatre, travel
arts, video, games, food, sports
humility, peace, hope, memory, message
desire, love, family, children, home
conflict, death, birth, destiny, opportunity
sleep, illness, medicine, charity, weather
adventure, languages, storytelling, pride, joy

My then-final 20

transportation, space, sea, buildings, international
dreams, beauty, senses, spirituality, friendship
engrish, drink, dance, women, fandom
flora, roleplaying, compsci, martial, weapon

ETA, 21:15 CST Fri 24 Mar 2006 - Here is the tentative list of new keywords.

scifi, writing, politics, democracy, asian
encouragement, congratulations, soapbox, celebration, social
healing, teunc, farewell, grammar, cute
fury, confused, planet, film, award
biology, bioinformatics, bayesian, engineering, agriculture
environment, business, law, journalism, police
livejournal, metahumor

Please feel free to post any icon suggestions you like, including any made by others that are shareable, stealable, and properly credited. If anyone can point me to a few good ones, or come up with important "frequently used keywords", I'll be very grateful.

Pizzalicious: Gumby's pizza at a quarter to 0200? Way tastier than it should be.

Tags: cool word of the month, food, icons, pizza

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