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Windows Vista: the OTHER Crash and Failure to Launch

I was not angry since I installed Windows Vista until this moment. Vaporware makes you feel all right, even smug, when you adopt it 6 months early. When you're a year early after the scheduled launch is already late and is extended by another half year due to instabilities? *Brandishes Eko's Jesus stick*

It's been four and a half years, for crying out loud! It will have been five and a half when Vista's finally out. The Cyber-Luddites who just installed WinXP last year are laughing at us! Slay all the French prisonersWindows Vista decision makers. No, wait, slay the developers too, for not mutinying earlier. Well, don't slay them, but put "little minds plagued by hobgoblins of corporate idiocy" dunce caps on them. Yes.

So, now we have to wait as long as a year before Microsoft, authorized vendors (such as IBM and Dell), and even our own campus and department systems staff will support an OS we've been using for 2 months? What did I tell you about "late early adoption"? BTW, Manhattan, KS is like Hobbiton when it comes to technology sometimes. Take a shot of courage, people!

Edit, 10:35 Sat 25 Mar 2006 - A couple of follow-ups, one funny, one not so funny:

  • I posted reviews of the films Crash and Failure to Launch earlier in the week and kaladhwen, jereeza, yahvah, and mrs_dragon (among others) thought I was posting about Windows Vista again!

    • Pride and Prejudice - "Bana, you are so un-1337! Just use Linux; it's so much better!"

    • The Constant Gardener - "ach, another copy of Windows for the manure heap!"

    • A History of Violence - after installing Vista 4 times, you'd feel like Crazy!Aragorn too...

    • Good Night, and Good Luck - self-explanatory

  • Meanwhile: I am still having that 2Gb RAM limit problem. I called Dell, and they don't even know when they are going to start supporting Windows Vista. The phone tech swears up and down that they have many corporate customers of their Inspiron 6000s who use WinXP Pro (or WinXP Home) with 2Gb RAM, though. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

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