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Spring break volunteers in New Orleans

Now, perhaps this was a drop in the bucket, perhaps not, but I personally thought it was really impressive:

Trading beer bongs for sledgehammers
Posted by Anderson Cooper: 6:39 PM EST Thu 23 Mar 2006
OK, so you probably won't see these spring-breakers on MTV anytime soon, but thousands of young college students have passed up beer bongs in Daytona for the opportunity to volunteer in Mississippi and New Orleans, gutting homes and helping residents try to clean up.

I spent today with a number of volunteers, and I gotta say, while some people fret about the future of our country, if these young people are any indication, the kids are alright. There is nothing glamorous or fun about the work they are doing. Ripping out dry wall in mold-infested homes is not exactly easy or pleasurable, and yet, these students have paid their own way here for the privilege.

Nearly every person said the same thing: "I had no idea it was this bad" and "I can't believe more isn't being done."

I wish everyone had an opportunity to come down to the Gulf Coast. Nearly seven months since Katrina, and still no clear rebuilding plan is in place.

It's interesting to see it through the eyes of these young volunteers. I think the danger of coming here as often as I have is that it starts to seem normal. The destroyed homes, the lack of progress. For the volunteers it is a shock, and it still should shock us all.

Did anyone reading this entry do this? If so, props to you - seriously.
Does anyone know anyone who did (on LJ or otherwise)?

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