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So I have heard: Vista and the Microsoftolante

Well, it's now old news that Windows Vista has been delayed until 2007, making it 5.5 years between releases. As I said here, the dead hulk of a software giant formerly known as Microsoft deserves the drubbing it's getting, and there seem to be plenty of Microserfs who agree.

But what's this about axing a MS senior VP over the vaporicious goodness that is Longhorn--? Truth be told, I know nothing about Brian Valentine, but the exec who's replacing him is by all accounts an unholy terror. As I said here:
The Sage said: "Promote the righteous and set aside the crooked, and the people will follow you; promote the crooked and set aside the righteous, and the people will not follow you."

(Attributed to a conversation between Confucius and the Duke of Ai, and as true today as it was 2500 years ago.)

Tags: microsoft, windows, windows vista

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