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OMGWTFURSUSMARTIMUS: major spoiler warning for Lost Season 2, "Lockdown"

Has anyoneeveryone seen this annotation of the map revealed in yesterday's episode "Lockdown" now?
My head reels.
Edit, 11:35 CST Sat 01 Apr 2006 - How about this one?

What do you all think is the deal with the fake Henry Gale?

Also, what were the "five events"? The trailer mentioned that "each one [would be] more shocking than the last". I count:

  • 1. Finding of the balloon by Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie

  • 2. Blast doors coming down on Locke

  • 3. Henry getting knocked out

  • 4. Running down of the timer

  • 5. Return of Sayid and revelation of the grave's contents

That sound about right to you?

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