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Quorum of Twelve: Faculty Senate Election and Library Focus Group

Thus was banazir elected to the K-State Faculty Senate, one of two representatives from the College of Engineering.

In other news: Today, I was one of 12 participants in a K-State library focus group. This was a roundtable discussion on the state of the library and potential improvements. Here are the eight questions. I thought I'd toss them out to LJ folks as a whole - please feel free to answer, whether you are at K-State or elsewhere. Sorry it only allows 255 characters! Feel free to reply with longer responses if you have any. I'll summarize the responses.

Poll #710680 K-State Library Focus Group Questions

How do you personally use library resources in your teaching and research?

How would you define the library's role in teaching information literacy and critical thinking skills?

Following up on the last question, whose responsibility is it to teach students about plagiarism and proper citation of sources?

Can you describe an "ideal library experience" from your perspective as a user? Start with realizing you need something, and go forward from there.

When you need to contact the library for any reason, how do you do this and whom do you generally contact?

Given the nature of budgets at state universities, do you feel that the library maximizes its resources to best serve your department? What do you feel we could be doing for your department that we aren't now?

Libraries today have both physical and virtual manifestations. What do you value about the physical library, and what do you value about the online library?

If you could provide one piece of advice for the library as we plan our future, what would it be?

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