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Old-style RPGs: The Bard's Tale, Ultima, Wizardry, Quest for Glory

(c) 1985 Electronic Arts. Click on the image for the larger and higher-resolution version.

Man, do I feel old!


I was just talking with Victor Holt about massforge and possible applications thereof, and I mentioned The Bard's Tale as a series of computer role-playing games (CRPGs) from the late 80's that was probably before his time.

"Oh, I know The Bard's Tale. That got really good reviews."

It turns out, as I learned from this disambiguation page in Wikipedia, that he was talking about this 2004 remake by InExile Entertainment and not the Electronic Arts version from 1985.

Doesn't anyone remember Wizardry (no bloody II, III, IV, or V)? Or Ultima (1-7), from the Apple ][ days, before it was an MMORPG? Or Might and Magic before "Heroes of" preceded the title? Or Questron, Times of Lore (another Origin game), and the like? How about Sierra On-Line's King's Quest, Quest for Glory, and Leisure Suit Larry series? (I must admit, I played the first two games of the latter when I was still underage. ;-))

I grew up on those games, and it's amusing to go back and reminisce. They never seemed so low-res back in the day! (And we're not talking 1984, we're talking 1989-1991! It was only a long time ago to the younglings of today's college generation.)

Oh, and the other day in CIS 636/736 (Computer Graphics/Advanced Computer Graphics) I discovered that nobody had every heard of a Kaypro "portable computer".
You know, the 20-pound "luggables" with the 6" green or amber screens that were the height of the keyboard that folded into them?

You young whippersnappers! "Back in my day, we played CRPGs on Kaypros with 1x1 resolution... backwards, through the snow, on Sunday afternoon... and we liked it!"

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