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This Mother's Day, give the gift that keeps on giving

I have some questions for all you tronkies:

  • How many of you have ever written code for someone as a present?

  • If you have, how did you find out what they wanted?

  • Did you also give them a maintenance agreement of some kind? (This part is not a joke; I'd really like to know if anyone's done this before.)

The reason I ask is that I'd like to get Banamum something nice for Mother's Day, but she doesn't generally like getting jewelry or clothing as a present from the younger generation. She gets more coats, bracelets and necklaces from her mom and six siblings than she wears, and I'd to give her something she can use. I'd also like to get her something more substantial (or less ephemeral) than dinner at a nice restaurant. I can still get her something, but it's been a long time since I gave my mom something that I made myself, other than a card. :-D

I'm looking for something that I can custom-develop for her that I can do in a few tens of hours, maintain indefinitely with a reasonable level of input, and isn't easily store-bought. I'm sure that if I asked her, though, she'd ask for off-the-shelf software, because "(best Chinese mother voice) You should spend your time on your responsibilities! Don't worry about anything I might need; if I do, I'll buy it or Google for it..."

So... ideas?

Tags: code, gifts, mother's day, software

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