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Faculty Senate

I gave my CIS 560 (Intro to Database Systems) final yesterday morning and CIS 636/736 (Intro to Computer Graphics / Advanced Computer Graphics) final this afternoon.

This afternoon, I also went to my first Faculty Senate meeting. Not much to it; it was just an orientation. I got to vote in the election for the President-Elect (who sits in office for one year before assuming the post). I also met the Senate President for the first time, just as he is becoming Past President.

It's a nice learning experience. I can see that there are more quorums and caucus functions than on the Graduate Faculty. For now, I've been put on FSCOUP (the Faculty Senate Committee on Planning); I only heard there was a chance for us to submit preferences last Friday, and as I mentioned, I've been swamped. I could probably contribute more as a member of FSCOT (the Faculty Senate Committee on Technology), but it will be a year before I can switch.

Also, I just called kaladhwen on Skype for an hour. It's free, and it had been ages since we caught up, and I'm of the opinion that people should stay in touch with their clones. Good talking to you again, Kal, and thanks!

Edit: 11:55 CDT Thu 18 May 2006 - Later, I made the icon shown here from a "Jonathan Kent for Kansas State Senate" banner. Smallville may be a silly show sometimes, but I could love it just for the Kansan political references. Also, I got swapped from FSCOUP to Faculty Affairs.

Tags: computer graphics, databases, exams, faculty senate, finals, icons, politics

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