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Walking Away: computer questions

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks especially to taiji_jian, nikolasco, and chaosinaskirt for their replies and helpful suggestions.

Here's my fortnightly update:

  • 1. Content Management Systems: I've pretty much decided on Tiki for the primary project Wikis, Joomla (inheritor of Mambo) for the KDD page and other "public faces" of our research, and MediaWiki for the Graphical Models Wiki (probably to be hosted from home, if the sysadmins don't feel like having three types for my group). Any suggestions on massforge in particular?

  • 2. Windows Annoyances: Here's a recap.

    • 1. Loss of Ctrl-W. I'm still stumped by this one. Did they really get rid of it in Vista, or is it just supposed to be more configurable?

    • 2. Suppression of security warnings. Still can't do it.

    • 3. Defaulting of file extensions to something stupid. Still a disadvantage in the Vista column, but perhaps they've since fixed it.

    • 4. Trillian 3 doesn't open log files any more. This one is still very annoying.

    • 5. Uppercase image file extensions by default. This is persistent but mild enough that I dont' let it bother me.

    • 6. Loss of Hotmail/Live Mail in Windows Mail 7. I don't know what Microsoft's workaround is. taiji_jian convinced me to switch to GMail plus POP.

  • 3. Good Linux for graphics and databases: I think I'll go with Gentoo on Orome and Ubuntu on Telperion as planned, unless someone had a different suggestion. I'm torn as to whether to dual-boot the ubercomputer.

Now for the new questions:

Intel Core Duo

Does anyone have any experience running XP on Intel Core Duo systems? How much speedup (ideally and on average) do you get from the dual-core processor, and for what applications do or don't you achieve the ideal case?

Skype on an old Pocket PC

Do you think it's possible to run Skype on a 200MHz Intel StrongARM RISC processor that lives in an HP/COMPAQ iPAQ H3635? I've considered overclocking my old iPAQ, but Skype claims the minimum requirements are 300MHz and I don't think I'll get 50% boost in cycles. (Of course, 6 months ago they wrote "minimum 400MHz".)

Windows Vista: New CTP Build?

Is there a newer version than CTP 5270?

Tags: computer problems, computer questions, microsoft, windows xp

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