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Emergent questions about grades


Grades are in.

Why is it that there are more thirteenth-hour questions than there were eleventh-hour ones?

I mean, I know I try to put students at ease when they needn't be alarmed, just because some of them are very antsy, and some are just a little insecure. Some students should be worried, though! To wit: grad students on the brink of a C or undergrads on the brink of a D or F should hit the books (or come and check on missing homeworks or their absolute standing) before the final. It's easy to say "I didn't see a grade posting, so I just guessed (read: assumed) I was okay"; it's quite another to know you only turned in half the assignments or turned the hour exams in half blank and then count on the curve.

... right?



May. 22nd, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)
Re: My sentiments exactly
There's this one dude in some of my classes...he's the second one.

It REALLY pisses me off. He's all "oh, I never studied for any test or quiz or the final for more then a couple minutes" did EC got an A because 1) My professor is (too) NICE. 2)It's the hardest undergrad class (so goes the rumor).

I personally believe that even with 4 (percentage) points of EC, you should not be allowed to be bumped up to the next higher grade level if that barely puts you onto it with a curve. Even more so when you did NO A level work during the semester AND failed the final (with the curve).

I don't know.... I think most people will agree with me that if you fail the final, you should be repremanded somehow?

I'll admit to being a grade scraper, if I think I earned points and I was marked off, I want to know why and if I can show that I know what I'm doing enough to get back a few.

Whatever happened to the days of when students were expected to work hard and not have everything handed to them on a silver platter?
May. 22nd, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)
Extra credit
Absolutely. I give extra credit, and people have squeezed themselves over the A or B line with it, but even when it amounts to (say) 5% of the overall grade, it has never been enough to cancel out a failing exam score. All my exams are worth 10-30% of the grade each: hour exams 10% each, midterms usually 15-20% (in my data mining course, it was 20 questions, 20%, which is pretty serious), and final, 25-30%. I don't give quizzes.

In my CIS 560 (Database Systems) course, extra credit problems on the final were worth 25 points out of 250. I did allow students who volunteered for one community service project in database development to write me a paragraph on what they did, and get exempted from one homework and 1/3 of the term project (with 100% on that part), but anyone else could have just done that homework. You know what, though? A lot of students did the community service project, and almost no one who didn't do it turned in more than 1 of 3 parts of the term project. Just a data point.

I feel that in courses 300-level or below, possibly all undergrad courses, no one should pass who fails the final. It's not rocket science, people! (Well, even if it is - especially if it is - people should pass the final.)

May. 22nd, 2006 03:51 pm (UTC)
Grade inflation: having things handed to you on a silver platter

Whatever happened to the days of when students were expected to work hard and not have everything handed to them on a silver platter?

It's relative, yes, but I for one am not willing to give up.
I herewith reaffirm that the Good Old Days of Accountability for Class Work "Not Gone Yet" in my courses.

K-State CIS students, you have been warned. ;-P


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