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The Lost Art of War


Didn't see that coming.

Tonight's episode demonstrated a few predictable phenomena:

  • You can catch more Losties with children than you do with beatings and sublymonalsubliminal programming. Of course, Michael is shown thereby to be a compensator who can easily be manipulated into fairly elaborate, or at least cold-blooded intrigues.

  • The quickest way to a fat man's brain is through his heart. It doesn't take righteous indignation; all it takes is a poor dude, stammering about injustices at a funeral.

  • Few objects of worship are more compelling, to the rational and mystical mind alike, than a well-placed coincidence. And so Eko joins the Church of Craphole Numerology. 4 8 15 16 23 42.

Now remember...
There are five qualities which are dangerous in the character of a general.

If reckless, he can be killed.
If cowardly, captured.
If quick-tempered you can make a fool of him;
If he has too delicate a sense of honour you can calumniate him;
If he is of a compassionate nature you can harass him.
      -Sun Zi, The Art of War

Boy, are they screwed.

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