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Hey, abrichar, remember this?

I was looking through my Severna Park Middle School (SPMS) yearbook from 1985-1986, and I just noticed this:

Click on image to view full page.

abrichar, it comes as no surprise to me that you were voted "Most Likely to Succeed" (and not just in Seventh Grade), but I have no recollection that I was supposed to be in that picture with you! (I was studying, traskit! ;-))
Tell you what - it's only two decades late, but if I'm ever in your neck of the woods, or vice versa, do let me know. We should get that picture taken! It'll be a good chance to catch up on old times, too.

Since you said you don't have your SPMS yearbook any more:

Now this, boys and girls, is a nerd:

Click on image to view full size version.

Yay abrichar!

Click on image to view full size version.

Professor Fine: Hello, Clark...

Click on thumbnail to view full size image.

Tags: classmates, middle school, school newspapers, severna park middle school, yearbooks

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