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24 non sequitur

So. It looks as if there's going to be a season 6, featuring some Chinese spies. (taiji_jian claims that the guy who was gloating over Jack at the end looks like me, but I'm not seeing it.)

A couple of cross-postings from wtf_inc:

"Log onto to download new episodes of 24."
Can somebody explain what any of that has to do with anything else?

Now, it's one thing to list 7-UP first among choices, but this is a little too biased, don't you think?

I was only able to get to the next screen and complete the survey by entering integers into the blanks. None of them contained the digit 7.
Oh, and yes, it was a survey comparing 7-UP to Sprite, Sierra Mist, and other soft drinks.

Tags: 24, burger king, myspace, soft drinks, wtf

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