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Soul Patrol meets Jesus Stick: finales

Grats to Taylor Hicks, aka v'tosh ka'tur. Soul patrol!

What'd I tell you? I knew when Banamum voted for Katharine last night, and I could not get through to Taylor's number, that the Vulcan would surely win. Look for great things from this one.

That was some finale, and no mistake.


  • C3. Locke is lucky that he never had a steel plate put in his head or knee.

  • C2. Claire and Charlie are a very cute couple. Go Charlie! (I'm also glad they resolved that he survived already.)

  • C1. Desmond's story is sweet, poignant and tragic without being cloying - plus, it's interesting because now we see that Penelope Widmore is probably involved with the Hanso Foundation or one of its affiliates or adversaries.

  • C0. I wish Desmond and Hurley had met. "Dude." "Brother." "DUDE!" "BROTHER!"


  • Q4. How is it that the EM field generated by the Swan can pull planes out of the sky, buckle steel plates, and send refrigerators flying across a room, but doesn't seem to affect people (or computer circuitry!) even as much as an MRI magnet?

  • Q3. Of Desmond's girlfriend and Hurley, whom do you think is richer?Q3. What do you think Penelope's connection to Hanso is? (Someone just pointed out Locke's brush with Widmore Construction and Sun's use of a Widmore Inc. pregnancy test.)

  • Q2. What is the deal with the pneumatic tubes? I can't even see where the suction would be generated, much less how they survived years of exposure to the elements without being disturbed by wild animals, discovered by the Others, or even piled up in a way that blocked the egress of more notebooks.

  • Q1. Why is it that there seems to be some fairly sophisticated, high-tech equipment for the time of the Dharma Initiative's first flourishing, circa 1980, yet all of the note-taking is on paper?

  • Q0. Do you think Desmond is right, that the purpose of the Pearl is to test the Pearl observers, rather than the people living in the Swan?

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