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Bluetooth Blues and the New Jailcrows of Corporate America

If anybody can help me with this, I'll be much obliged.

I need to beam a 900K file from a PDA phone (Sprint Audiovox PPC6700 running Windows Mobile 5) to a notebook (Dell Inspiron 6000 running Windows XP Pro SP2). I have six file transfer options on the phone, and I can't get one of them to work.

  • 1. Infrared: The IrDA port is nowhere to be found on my notebook (Dell Inspiron 6000).

  • 2. E-mail over WiFi: MSN Mobile says the file is too large (894Kb) to attach via Hotmail.

  • 3. Network file access over WiFi: I can't map drives or associate anything over the 802.11b WiFi stack.

  • 4. Bluetooth: Even after setting up a Bluetooth partnership, I can't browse other system from the other via (File) Explorer.

  • 5. MiniSD: It's not so much that this doesn't work, as that I don't have a card or another reader. I have only an 8Mb (regular) SD card from a MiniDV camcorder I bought in Edmonton in 2002, and the slots in Hirilonde (the Inspiron 6000).

  • 6. USB: OK, this will probably work, but as I was just telling martinsamuel, it feels like such a cop out; what if this were a critical field application?

Edit, 21:55 CDT - I added the last two options, which I had forgotten about earlier.

As for Bluetooth, my favored solution: I can set up a partnership from either to the other, but there are no services displayed on the phone, and Mobile Device on the notebook opens up blank. This happens whether I set up the partnership with auto-generated passcodes or manually-entered ones.

Is there something I need to do to set up services or make the file system of the phone visible?

Edit, 00:35 CDT - "Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard" under "Communications" in WinXP was what I needed - I started it up, and the "unknown device" in "Beam" on the PDA phone started to function via the Bluetooth partnership I had registered earlier. The file transfer went through, and quite quickly. Thanks for the suggestions, ellie_desu and nikolasco!

In other news: I've been following the verdicts and their aftermath in the Lay/Skilling Enron trial, and making my minor contributions to the trial and company pages. I hope this is an object lesson to all would be corporate wrongdoers, and moreover to anyone who feels the conscientious need to do the right thing and blow the whistle on such behavior. If it serves in this regard, the whole scandal will have had at least had one positive effect.

Tags: 802.11b, bluetooth, irda, mobile computing, wifi, windows mobile, windows xp, wireless computing

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