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Yes, my loyalties turned: the return to WinXP

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to nikolasco for the Windows Vista version info last time.

Here's my fortnightly update:

  • 1. Intel Core Duo: I got a brand new 2GHz Core Duo on eBay with 512Mb of RAM and a 40Gb HD, and upgraded the RAM with a spare 512Mb DIMM I had left over from the upgrade of Hirilonde, my Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook. I spent several days installing it and like it so much that I'm definitely getting another one for the lab.

  • 2. Skype on an old Pocket PC: I have yet to try it on Sting, my iPAQ H3635, but I'm not counting on it.
    ETA, 02:55 CDT 05 Jun 2006 - I installed it on my Audiovox PPC6700, though, and it worked right away. Now I can make free VOIP-to-analog phone calls using SkypeOut to any landline in the USA, as long as I am in range of a WiFi (802.11b/g) base station.

  • 3. New CTP Build of Windows Vista: Earl Harris, our hardware specialist, burned me a copy of CTP 5308, as did the CIS sysadmins. It's something of a moot point, though, as I decided to go back to Windows XP SP2 on Hirilonde, where I had installed Vista. It works like a charm, and I can now see and use my entire 2Gb of RAM and install a paltry few programs.

Now for the new questions:

After the Return: WinXP Issues on Dell Inspiron 6000

Since reverting to WinXP SP2, I have had a few problems.

  • 1. Battery detection is off. I can't get hibernation at critical battery levels (1%) to kick in. When I unplug the power adapter and let it go on battery power, the icon in the system tray remains a power plug instead of a battery. If I plug it back in when the charge is less than 100%, Windows displays a fully-charged system with no lightning bolts (charging indicators) anywhere.

  • 2. No USB mouse drivers. I've tried installing Microsoft Mouse, but when I plug in a USB IntelliMouse Explorer Optical or Optical Trackball, Hirilonde still fails to install the "new hardware". However, I had no trouble getting it to work on a system that is installed with a Volume License I was given by accident and was about to return. Go figure!

  • 3. USB 2.0 warnings. When I plug USB storage devices, such as the 1Gb SanDisk Cruzer Mini I ordered from Amazon in December, 2004, I get a "this device can peform faster". Any idea why, and is it really true?

From A Distance: Remote Control Applications for Windows from CygWin to LapLink

I need your recommendation - I've been trying to get reliable remote control applications for three things, and nothing has worked well.

  • 1. XWindows. For anyone who used to use DesqView X, WRQ Reflection X, or Hummingbird Exceed: what do you use these days? I have installed the latest builds of CygWin X, X-Deep/32, and X-Win 32, and I can't seem to get it to bring up XWindows. Furthermore, how do you window manager in your software of choice?

  • 2. Remote control. Whatever happened to CarbonCopy and LapLink? I used to use LapLink, and the group I worked in at the Beckman Institute ran both LapLink and pcAnywhere, but I haven't been keeping up with versions. What is generally used for remote control under WinXP nowadays? I kept hearing about some built-in software in NT5 kernel operating systems, but I've never successfully found or configured it.

  • 3. File sharing and synchronization. Besides Unison, I haven't even found anything! Whatever happened to being able to map a network drive, even a Samba share from Linux? It worked fine in NT 4.0, even Win98 - what changed?

IRC and Trillian Scripting

Does anyone know how to:

  • 1. Keep Trillian from mis-detecting the presence of "IRC ghosts" in a chat room? I have my Trillian IRC perform buffer set to /msg nickserv ghost Banazir [mypassword] before it executes /nick Banazir and then attempts to join #teunc and authenticate using /msg nickserv identify [mypassword]. However, something causes it to register a name collision, and it often sets my nick to Banazir_. Worse, it remembers this nick as the default until I set it back to Banazir manually. I don't seem to have this problem with mIRC and its variants. Any ideas?

  • 2. Set mIRC or Trillian to detect specific keywords in a chat room (IRC or AIM Exchange 5) and respond accordingly? For example, I'd like to detect "Test" by itself on a line and respond "Pass", or reply to "User: Hello" with "Hi, User". IIRC, there are many IRC and AIM bots already that do just ths; any idea where I can download such?

  • 3. Make mIRC or Trillian automatically sign back in when a network connection restored after an outage of hours? Currently, mIRC has a timeout of 50 attempts: after trying once per minute for 50 minutes, it stops trying. I would like to make it switch to one attempt per hour after the first 50 instead.

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