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Before I ask my questions:
Happy birthday, narvi!

My Dell Dimension XPS D300, a Pentium II-300 system, served me well for three years before I upgraded its RAM from 128Mb to 258Mb and its HD from 8Gb to 40Gb, and gave it to my mom. Since then, I've maxed out the RAM at 512Mb. I've been having strange power issus, though:

  • 1. Plugging in more than one USB device is iffy. With a USB mouse and a conventional keyboard, it works all right, as it does with a PS/2 mouse and a USB keyboard; when both are plugged in, though, the optical mouse will sometimes dim and stop working. Unplugging it and plugging it back in seems to work, but sometimes this is only for a minute or two.

  • 2. The CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM drive will sometimes conk out. It will accept a CD and then stop spinning when I try to explore or even eject it.

Does this sound as if I need a new power supply? I have a 200W power supply in the Dell, and while I have never had a power supply-related malfunction, I am keeping an open mind. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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