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The eve of China

Last minute prep continues apace.

Mozilla Firefox is still crashing. I think it has something to do with the tabbed browsing plug-in (Tabbrowser Extensions) that I use.

I can't get my USB mouse or trackball working. I'm taking my Wacom Tablet for my cousin Jennifer, a budding illustrator, to play with, but I'll bet it won't work either. It seems the Windows XP Pro SP2 installation disc I ordered from MSDN Academic Alliance is lacking in all drivers. Any ideas?

My mom bought a Bath & Body Works pillow for her mom, who's flying from Taipei to Beijing to meet us, and... yes, you guessed it: it's MADE IN CHINA. This is going to be a homecoming of sorts for the little wad of cotton.

It's a sign of my musical impoverishment that even at 192Kbps, the rip of my entire CD collection spans less than 9Gb, and thus fits on a pair of DVDs.

I'm not taking and blank CD-Rs, as I expect my uncle will have them. I am taking some blank DVD-Rs and hoping he will have a DVD-R drive, though.
Edit, 01:15 BST Thu 22 Jun 2006 - yes, and no. He has a DVD+R drive, as do I. Duh.

Tags: beijing, computer problems, vacation preparation

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