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China, Day 0: Giant Gorillas at 33000 Feet

Lee Family Reunion 2006: China
A Tronkie Travellogue
Day 0: En Route (Manhattan, KS - Beijing, China)

03:30 CDT - Ouch. 55 minutes ago, I lay my head to rest. I'm a bit woozy as I finish grabbing the last DVD-R out of Laurelin and the mouse for my Intuos Tablet.

04:15 CDT - And we're off. We should get to the airport (MCI, aka Kansas City International) by 06:30, plenty of time before the flight.

09:00 CDT - En route from KC to Chicago. This is the short leg of the flight, and takes under an hour.

14:00 CDT - There are four films on this flight, which I don't have time to review right now, but will later:

  • Hoodwinked - 7.5 / 10. Funny and novel in a Shrek-ish sort of way.

  • King Kong - 7 / 10. Bleh, but a worth while spectacle if you fancy lining PJ's pockets with more money.

  • Wimbledon - 8 / 10. Cute. No, really. It's a great date movie; see it with someone special.

  • Tristan + Isolde - 6 / 10. Meh. I kept getting interrupted and the plane landed before this movie finished, and you know what? I didn't care. Well, I'll still rent it later. But it's not very memorable.

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