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China, Day 14: Five Rings

Lee Family Reunion 2006: China
A Tronkie Travellogue
Day 14: Lido Plaza, Beijing, China

My cousin Jennifer, my fourth aunt, Jennifer's little sister Cynthia, and Banamum, shopping at Lido Plaza.
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Lunch is at a dim sum (ying3 cha3) place called Shuang Xi Lin Men Shark Fin Restaurant. There are some posh places in Beijing that are expensive by American standards, but this is not one of them. We have a very complete lunch for 369 RMB (less than $46 USD) for 14 people, after the discounts are figured in. I haven't mentioned it before, but there are a lot of discounts at various lunch places, some that come to the equivalent of 50% off one's next visit.

After lunch, I take some photographs:

Left: My uncle, Kai-Fu Lee, with his and mother's mother.
Right: Grandmother Lee with five of her children. Clockwise from upper left: my fourth maternal aunt (Kai-Ching), my mother (Kai-Rue), my fifth maternal aunt (Kai-Ming), my younger maternal uncle (Kai-Fu), my mother's mother (Mrs. Yah-Ching Wang Lee), and my second maternal aunt (Kai-Rong).

Then we all go shopping Lido Plaza, a local mall.

Left: An English pub, because where else would you go for a pint except... Beijing?
Right: Or a nice juicy steak, for that matter?

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