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China, Day 15: All Quiet on the Eastern Front

Lee Family Reunion 2006: China
A Tronkie Travellogue
Day 15: Beijing, China

My fifth aunt (Kai-Ming), uncle (Kai-Fu), grandmother, mother, and cousin Melody, at the Temple of Heaven.
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Emily and Minki have gone to Xi'an, and will be returning thence to Guangzhou. With them have gone Jon and Michelle, though they will be back tomorrow (Friday) night before flying back to the USA and thence to Guatemala. This morning, Second Aunt and Fourth Aunt traveled to the imperial seat at Chengde on a day trip. That leaves ten of us here: our grandmother, my parents and me, my fifth aunt and her daughter Melody, my uncle and his wife and daughters.

Dinner visitors

It wasn't all quiet on the eastern front at once. This evening, my uncle had a couple of visitors over for dinner: a newly-minted Ph.D. from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his lady friend, a well-known local reporter.


Tonight, I listened to my Fifth Aunt's healing music and she and Melody came in to say goodbye for now. They're flying out very early tomorrow, and it will be down to eight until the evening time, when six of the family return and bring us back to 14.

Tomorrow, we are also saying bye-bye to Buddy, one of my cousins' two golden retrievers. Because caring for two goldens has been a bit much, they have found him a new home with a relative of my uncle's elder driver, Mr. Zhang.

(There is also a superstition in China that having two dogs is bad luck, because the character "gou3" twice is the same as "ku1" (to cry). Though this is not really a motivating factor here, I think it probably did give Google an incentive (not that it needed more) to rename itself from gou gou ("doggy").

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