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There's No Place Like Home

Home at last!

Delays transpired in:

  • Beijing - 90 minutes sitting on the runway, waiting for the 17 planes in front of us to take off.

  • Chicago - 90 minutes in the airport, dozing fitfully (because there was still no place to lie down) and waiting for the storm to clear and the pilots to arrive.

  • Kansas City - 90 minutes scouring every square centimeter of Lot C, before I had the bright idea of calling parking services to discover that my car was in... Lot A. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

I got home at 05:05 and slept from 05:55 to about 12:30. I started scheduling meetings with some rather eager people ("Are you back? More important, are you in Nichols??"). It's nice to know I was missed and that the lab didn't burn down, but sheeesh. ;-)

Later, I watched X-Men 3: The Last Stand, minus a very important coda that I missed. gondhir filled in the details for me.

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