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I will have my Best Buy

Guess what? In September, we are going to have one of these in Manhattan:

The Best Buy in Topeka, KS.
Click image to enlarge.

Yes! I am Banazirius Maximus Galbasi, user of trasked computers, installer of trasked OSes, and I will have my Best Buy... in this town, or the next...

I have heard rumors of a scheduled opening via Banadad for three years now. At one point, it was going to be the co-anchor store to Target. Last month, I learned that it is definitely going to happen, near the present location of Wal-Mart, before the summer is out. Today, I went to Topeka to pick up a pair of Nokia Bluetooth headsets for $10 apiece, for which they had given me a rain check last month.

One day soon, you will see one of these:

Geek Squad a-comin' to bust your ass in geek jail for not having enough tronkie cred!

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