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Chinese history: Great Han

I'm still reading about Chinese history, particularly that of the Han dynasty from Han Gao Zu (206 BC - 195 BC) through Han Wu Di (156 BC - 87 BC) and his heir's heir, Han Xuan Di (91 BC - 49 BC), to the Han usurper, Wang Mang.

Did you know that the surname (xing) of the Han Emperors was Liu? My father's mother is a Liu, though there are many tens of millions of Lius, so it isn't a particularly rare family name. Similarly, my mother's father was a Li (cf. most of the Tang dynasty rulers) and my father's father was a Xu (cf. the farmer who famously declined the throne offered by the legendary Emperor Yao). Finally, my mother's mother is a Wang (the second most common surname in China).

Tags: chinese emperors, chinese history, han dynasty, surnames

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