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China trip 2006: A Tronkie Travellogue

Happy Fourth of July!

Here it is: an index to the compleat travellogue of my trip to Beijing, China, for your convenience. Comments appreciated!

Day 0 (Wed 07 Jun 2006) - Manhattan, Kansas, USA to Beijing, China
Day 1 (Thu 08 Jun 2006) - Arrival in Beijing, China
Day 2 (Fri 09 Jun 2006) - Dinner at Fragrant Palace: on Chinese food
Day 3 (Sat 10 Jun 2006) - Google and the Internet in China; Tiananmen Square and the Great Hall of the People
Day 4 (Sun 11 Jun 2006) - Shopping in Beijing
Day 5 (Mon 12 Jun 2006) - Yuanmingyuan (the Gardens of Perfect Brightness), Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, and Yiheyuan (the Garden of Nurtured Harmony)
Day 6 (Tue 13 Jun 2006) - A day at home: my cousins' golden retriever pups and Chinese movies and TV
Day 7 (Wed 14 Jun 2006) - Photos of the city; Internet outage begins; dinner at the Jade Garden
Day 8 (Thu 15 Jun 2006) - The Night of Bel Canto, Peking University
Day 9 (Fri 16 Jun 2006) - Dinner at Sichuanese restaurant: on hot and spicy food in China; on service industries in China (particularly airlines and high-speed Internet)
Day 10 (Sat 17 Jun 2006) - The Temple of Heaven (Tiantan) and Hongqiao Market
Day 11 (Sun 18 Jun 2006) - Tiananmen Square and Dazhaimen Dinner Theatre
Day 12 (Mon 19 Jun 2006) - The Forbidden City and Yong He Temple (Yong He Gong)
Day 13 (Tue 20 Jun 2006) - The Tombs of the Ming Emperors and the Great Wall of China
Day 14 (Wed 21 Jun 2006) - Dim sum (brunch) and shopping at Lido Plaza
Day 15 (Thu 22 Jun 2006) - Family day-trips and dinner visitors
Day 16 (Fri 23 Jun 2006) - Supergirl, the Chinese Pop Idol clone
Day 17 (Sat 24 Jun 2006) - Lunch and shopping at the Oriental Plaza Mall in downtown Beijing
Day 18 (Sun 25 Jun 2006) - On Communism in China
Day 19 (Mon 26 Jun 2006) - On the developing Chinese economy, foreigners and religious practice in Beijing, and shopping in Chinese marketplaces
Day 20 (Tue 27 Jun 2006) - On China's 20th and 21st century progress
Day 21 (Wed 28 Jun 2006) - DVD shopping; the return flight

In other news: Eep, it seems that NIST needed one more form from me for the 2006 NIST Machine Translation Evaluation. pnvtejaswi told me this when I was in China, but I had already faxed four forms, so I didn't realize there was one more. Aaaargh. Well, I've faxed it, so we should get all of the DVDs by next week. comptranslation ho!

Tags: beijing, china, machine translation, travellogue, travellogues

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