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He's bona fide!

I've finally watched O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which figgylicious and gondhir have been quoting for ages in #teunc.

I see why they're so fond of it, now. Any movie that features:

  • A plot based loosely on a classical epic (in this case, Homer's Odyssey, always a winner)

  • A "period" setting for said adaptation (here, Mississippi in 1937)

  • The musical format

  • Cute sproglets

  • A pair of gullible and superstitious sidekicks

  • Satan following the protagonist around

  • A happy ending

has got to be great fun in my book.

Did you hear about the Lost musical set in 1937, the year Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan crashed on Craphole Island?
It's called See You In Another Life, Brother, Where Art Thou?
*runs away*

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