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World Cup: A Call to Icon-Makers

Well, that was an interesting World Cup final - the first I've ever watched more than half of. I think the last championship game I watched was the one in 1994, because I remember Italy losing on penalty kicks.

Zidane's headbutt seemed funny at the time, but in retrospect it was disappointing. Still, it was a great source of what the Internet is famous (or infamous) for: funny animated GIFs! After r0x posted her "LOL FRANCE" icon, I saw a few, but I didn't save any.

So, anyone have any good ones? Please reply to this post!

ETA, 15:15 CDT Wed 19 Jul 2006 - The funniest one I saw was a Mortal Kombat-style one with Matterazzi's "lifeforce" bar going to zero, but I didn't save it, and it soon went over the poster's bandwidth limit. If anyone's got that one, I'd really appreciate a copy.

Tags: football, sports, sportsmanship, world cup

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