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Ubuntu Ubuntu Ubuntu

At last!

Ubuntu Dapper Drake is installed - on Finrod, of all systems. Finrod, if any KDDers or KSU-CIS people remember Back that far, was a 1GHz AMD Athlon Thunderbird from the "New Elf" group (Finrod, Ecthelion, Idril, and Galadriel). The Old Elves (800 MHz AMD Durons named Finarfin aka GECKIES/RoboSim/BNJ/CRGMUSH, Fingolfin I aka Anaire, Miriel, and Earwen) tended to run Red Hat 7 (7.1 Seawolf and 7.2 Cartman) and 8 (Psyche). The New Elves dual-booted Red Hat 9 (Shrike) and Windows XP for two years (2002-2003) before both Ecthelion and Finrod started spontaneously locking up. Changing Finrod to a NetBSD-only system in 2004 seemed to alleviate the problem, but we never got around to RAIDing it. Eventually I had Andrew King order new Kingston RAM and motherboards for Finrod and Ecthelion, but they haven't been online in over a year and a half.

And so! Like an old city out of Thundarr the Barbarian, Ye Olde Athlon is reborn.

(I'm seriously trying to phase out all sub-gigahertz systems in my house, as I have now done in my lab with all systems under 1.5GHz. There is still one Pentium II-400 Gateway, but it's a legacy systems for testing only. Banamum wants to use Tulkas, her 8.5-year-old 300MHz Dell, until it's 10 years old, and Banadad wants to do the same with Vingilot, Pentium II-366 ThinkPad 600E I got in April, 1999, but I don't have any maintaince to do on those any more. That leaves the 550MHz Pentium III desktop I am palming off on taiji_jian and the Pentium III-800 ThinkPad with a borked keyboard that I'm sending gondhir, and... we're freeeeeee!)

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