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Cool On Your Island: Stargate Atlantis S3 premiere

This season looks promising, I'll say that.

Connor Trineer: much better as a formerly evil defector than as a well-meaning, broody type. Why? Because he's so trasking unpredictable! And let's face it, if you got a big disruptor pointed in your face every week by the resident Long-Haired Warrior, wouldn't you get sneery and abrasive, too? Not to mention, what's an ex-wraith to eat? Can he even go back to what they turned him into, or has he turned back into what... oh, never mind.

So, wraith females are immune to the retrovirus. OK, wait a minute. Aside from providing a scant few seconds of USA Networks B-movie startlement, what was the point of not having Beckett and McKay inform either the other Atlantis away teams or the audience? There's a collquialism to sci-fi shows that helps draw the audience in: if you are let in on some of the secrets not essential to the plot, you'll suspend disbelief more readily. I think it would have helped to let this through.

The best deadpan of the episode, perhaps of the whole season so far? "I saw it in a movie," right after Sheppard "pulls a Falcon". Rock.

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