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Found Engrish

(Cross-posted to engrish and found_objects. You may have seen some of these already, if you followed my travellogue.)

Let me tell you, we Chinese folks are as good with the Engrish as the Japanese! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
Click any image to enlarge.

At Yuanmingyuan (the Garden of Perfect Brightness), one of the Imperial gardens, taken 12 Jun 2006.
The words corresponding to "depicting" are actually "etching pictures" (diao1hua4), so I think it's probably meant to be "defacing".

"I Chocolate You" is the advertising slogan for the Chocolate brand of cell phones. This commercial series airs on TV several times every night, and you can see "I Chocolate You" billboards at most bus stops in Beijing.

It's a little hard to make out, but this back of green pea twists is covered in a jumble of expletives. The first one is for scale. In the second one you can clearly see "Damn It!" The third one includes "As you screw everything", "Damn it!" and "Goddamn the third wheel!".

Left: Verry prety. This is an actual store at Hongqiao Market in downtown Beijing.
Center: I still have no idea what a Promise-Keeping Enterprise is.
Right: Prank chewing gum shock toys are very common, but this one, clearly labelled SHOCK, seems to be aimed at people who can't read English. Not that someone who would grab one of these is looking carefully.

Left: I can just imagine the conversation between the Empress Dowager and a foreign dignitary. "Your Majesty, who painted that?" "Oh, Karl. From America." More recently, Karl from America was a smash hit on Red Collar TV.
Center: Don't those hills look perilous to you? There's another one I didn't get, of a few little tufts of grass under a sign reading "LUXURIANT GRASSLAND, PLEASE DON'T TRAMPLE".
Right: Poor seals.

Left: Self-explanatory.
Center: It actually says "please follow the rules and regulations for visitors".
Right: Taken outside the Ming Tombs Museum. Now, why would anyone tread on a ramp to protect relics? Maybe it's like Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.

Left: But, but my back is itchy!
Center: Hey, would you linger at a Michael Jackson concert?
Right: Walking down the Great Wall? What am I, Spider-Man? That would be a heroic slope. Also, I'm Ming, this is Ling, and we want to litter (clap) you up!

Hope you enjoyed these,
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