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Found Objects of China

(Cross-posted to found_objects. You may have seen some of these already, if you followed my travellogue.)

Click any image to enlarge.

I really didn't know that Peking University was founded by Magneto.

Left: I feared it was so.
Right: A buyer's information sheet on the Balin stone.

Left: An odd little work of art made out of a chicken head, a fish tail, some chili seeds, and a toothpick by my little 9-year-old cousin, with some help from her older cousin Emily. This one is called Chimera Kingdom.
Center: It's the boar-god from Princess Mononoke, back from his Hawaiian vacation! Chimera Kingdom II, which my little cousin gave the working title of Transvestite Duck, features a duck head, a pork rib, a cupcake cup, a toothpick, and assorted garnishes of flowers and parsley.
Right: The artistes.

Our lunch, consisting of Korean delivery, under a mosquito mat. What did you think Chinese people ordered for take-out? ;-)

What, the bears get a whole palace?! Man... that break-in insurance from Goldilocks must have really paid off.

Left: An English pub, because where else would you go for a pint except... Beijing?
Right: Or a nice juicy steak, for that matter?

At Mister Pizza, which is venerable by present-day Chinese standards (it opened over five years ago in Beijing), you can get Hawaiian pizzas or calamari-and-imitation crab pizzas, both with sweet yam-stuffed crusts. By the way: is it just me, or does "Worldcup for Women" sound like some kind of feminine hygiene product? I'm just saying.

Hand-carved seals and stamps at Hongqiao Market.

Left: A bottle of Wahaha brand water with a photograph of Lee-Hom Wang (Wang Lihong) on the cover. Lee-Hom and my cousin Emily were classmates and friends in Rochester, NY, and my cousin Melody has been a longtime fan, so this was quite amusing to see.
Right: "Let me take his water, Muad'dib!" Well, no, you wouldn't see any Arrakeen celebrity endorsements or brands of water.

My teenaged cousin's handiwork, small emblems denoting members of the family: her lucky number, a dumpling and taro root dessert for her mom, a Dance Dance Revolution pad for her dad, etc. Not pictured is a pair of mah jongg tiles for our grandmother.

Left: Why the shop has most of its DVD racks behind a big heavy iron door. Yarr, there be no law 'pon the seas.
Right: I came across this fairly convincing counterfeit of the Special Extended Edition DVDs of ROTK, in a replica of the New Line box. Oh, but you see, it's from the Paltinum Series.

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