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Searching for answers: computer questions

Time for my biweekly computer problems update.

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to all who replied, including nikolasoco, jeanlucpikachu, zaimoni, and tvn.

Here's my fortnightly update:

Now for the new questions...

Slow search in Mozilla Thunderbird

Is there any way to get a system runnig Mozilla Thunderbird ( to search message headers faster, using roughly the same time (to within an order of magnitude) as MS Outlook and Outlook Express?

Failure to hibernate, redux

Hirilonde is again not hibernating! Ugh. What's more, this time, it fails out with the message "insufficient system resources to perform operation", and kills the hibernate tab in "Power Options Properties".

Which of the following applications (listed in descending order of my suspicion) could be the culprit?

  • Mozilla Firefox (

  • Mozilla Navigator (1.7.12)

  • BitTorrent 4.20.4

  • BitLord 1.1 (a BitTorrent client)

  • Trillian Pro 3.1

  • Google Desktop

  • SpamBayes

Boldface indicates apps that have been on when WinXP Pro SP2 has failed to hibernate. The rest have been off in at least one case where it failed to hibernate anyway.

Software incompatibilities

On a more general note, is there any software that can detect potential conflicts among drivers or between drivers and applications? I have Norton Systemworks on Numerramar, but that seems to have limited efficacy (besides which, Numerramar, which runs Windows 2000, is one of my most stable systems to begin with).

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