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Serpents: the Python language and Dragon Dynasty

To all programmers: What do you personally think of Python, the programming langauge?

1. Is it a good teaching langauge?
2. A good general-purpose language?
3. Is it "better" than C/C++ or Java?

How so, and why or why not?

In other news:

Dragon Dynasty: Well, that played a bit fast and loose with Marco Polo's biography and the history of the Yuan (Mongol) Dynasty, but think of it as "all the evil of Dragonslayer and all the cool CGA of Dragonheart" and it's rather fun. Legend of Earthsea remains unchallenged for meaningful dragons who aren't just big Reign of Fire creatures.

By the way, CGA quality is proceeding apace for tanelos, if I ever manage to complete and submit the manuscript, or produce a screenplay.

Tags: dragon dynasty, miniseries, programming, programming languages, python, scifi, television

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