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Children of the Orcs

Late Friday night (in the wee hours on Saturday), I looked up E.E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman series to see if I wanted to read Chronicles of the Lensmen, Vol. 2. I learned a lot about Triplanetary.

The Smurfy Dyson Sphere of Smurrowdelphia is patterned in part on a whimsical notion of a titanic flying arcology (part high-impulse generational ship, part Shkadov thruster, part spindizzy a la Blish). I shouldn't be surprised if the Smurrowdelphian(s) had some mindpowers, even if some were Lensworthy.

Meanwhile, The Dominion of The Great Orcish Horde has landed in Balrog Cuttings, bringing a taste of Draenor's finest (or worst, depending on one's point of view).

What the trask am I wibbling about? NationStates, of course.
There's no way to play the game and make much measurable progress based upon skill, as yet; however, the three-year-old rumor that NationStates II is coming out inspired me to re-create all my nations, a move that is generating a little interest. As for NationStates II? There may be trade. I'm not interested in another war game in earnest, so I'll be quite satisfied with adventuring and diplomacy.

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