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Computer game buzz: do you hear what I hear?

Nationstates 2

I keep hearing about NationStates II and wondering a) what the chief differences in game content and mechanics are and b) whether people will be allowed to transfer old nations (which IMO would cause some issues with game balance, from the start).

They Came From Hollywood

Similarly, They Came From Hollywood looks to be smashing good fun.

Shards: MMORPGs and MPOGs

What's this I hear about free UO (and EQ2) shards?
I must admit, I'm curious about these purportedly free Ultima Online (and EverQuest II?) shards.
More than anything else, I'd like to see whether there's anything suitable as a graphical MU* venue of teunc/guggle.

I'd also like an environment for prototyping small vehicles and agents for massforge. Nothing on the level of WOW, though, which by all accounts is digital crack.

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