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Computer profile: Tulkas

Name: Tulkas
At a glance: Dell Dimension XPS D300 desktop PC, 300MHz Pentium II / 512Mb RAM / 8Gb HD & 40GB HD / 1600x1200 / Pioneer CD-RW / 802.11b WiFi
Etymology: Orignally named Eönwë after the mightest warrior of the Maiar in J.R.R. Tolkien's legendarium, later renamed Tulkas (c. 2003) according to my Vala/Maia naming scheme. Tulkas, or Astaldo the Valiant, was the "youngest" and boldest warrior among the Valar.


Date of acquisition: January, 1998
Source: Dell Home Direct
Original cost: about $2900 with 3-year warranty
Total cost to date, including upgrades: about $3300
Current user: my mom, primarily for web applications


Brand and model: Dell Dimension XPS D300
Processor: 300MHz Pentium II
Memory: maxed out at 512Mb, upgraded twice (from 128Mb and 256Mb)
Hard disk: 40Gb, 8Gb
Video card: Matrox Millenium II, 2Mb
Display: 1600x1200 max resolution (usually running at 1200x1024)
Wired network hardware: none
Wireless network: Buffalo AirStation 802.11b PCMCIA wireless card in PCI PCMCIA adapter slot
Bluetooth: No
1394 Firewire: No
PCMCIA slots: 1
USB slots: 2 (back)
Optical media drive: Pioneer 48x CD-RW


Current operating system: Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2
Operating systems used: Windows 98 (January 1998 - November 1999), Windows 2000 (November 1999 - December 2001), Windows XP Pro (January 2001 - present, with service pack upgrades)

Tags: computer hardware, computer profiles, computer software, computer specs, current computers

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