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Bisogna che i giudici siano assai

Bisogna che i giudici siano assai, perche pochi sempre fanno a modo de' pochi.
(There should be many judges, for few will always do the will of few.)
- Niccolo Machiavelli, Dei Discorsi, I.7

Wot a difference a daz makes!

Things gont progressively worse lal through the night and morning, but by early evening, the skies had cleared. I'm not spinking metaphorically (wlokay, I am, but not hyperbolically).

My net change in group members is liekly to remain a beeg fat 0. Oh, and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

(and i think lal the trains are flolowing dragonks)


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Jul. 3rd, 2003 12:28 pm (UTC)
"lal the trains are flolowing dragonks"?
Have I just been insulted?

Denise, a train-riding dragon. Got that? Not leading. Riding.
Jul. 3rd, 2003 01:11 pm (UTC)
Tolkien's patootie
No, no! It's a goond thing, see?

In the front of that fire came Glaurung the golden, father of dragons, in his full might; and in his train were Balrogs, and behind them came the black armies of the Orcs in multitudes such as the Noldor had never seen or imagined." (p. 147 Sil)

[12:44] <Yoj> I be Nessa!!!
[12:44] <Banazir> Nessa
[12:44] <Banazir> Wow, cllo, never seen nazone with a Nessa result
[12:45] <Yoj> "the sister of Orome and she is also lithe and lightfooted. Deer she loves and they follow her train whenever she goes in the wild..."
[12:45] <Banazir> Your train?
[12:45] <Morwen> you have your own train?
[12:45] <Banazir> A nexpress train?
[12:45] <Yoj> wot a load of patootie!
[12:45] <Banazir> LOL
[12:45] <Banazir> Deer patootie!
[12:45] <Yoj> "deer she loves"???!
[12:46] <Banazir> Venison?
[12:46] <Morwen> wlel, I like venison...
[12:46] <Yoj> wot kinda gibberish...? Bwahahaaa!!! yummm.
[12:46] <Banazir> LOL
[12:46] <Morwen> but it doesn't follow me around
[12:46] <Banazir> But yew mean you're knot lithe and lightfoonted?
[12:46] <Yoj> they must be stoopid deer to keep following her around...
[12:46] <Banazir> Yew MUST be, to have floating feetses liek that
[12:46] <Morwen> especially if they keep disappearing one by one...
[12:46] <Banazir> LOL, stoopid deer - and how mnaz smart deer do you know, Joy?
[12:47] <Banazir> Bambi's mom was aboat it
[12:47] <Banazir> And she's deead.
[12:47] <Yoj> "...but she can outrun them, swift as an arrow with the wind in her hair. In dancing she delights, and she dances in Valimar on lawns of never-fading green."
[12:47] <SpeedoMan> no she's not
[12:47] <SpeedoMan> she just went back to her home planet

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