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Computer profile: Vingilot

Name: Vingilot
At a glance: IBM ThinkPad 600E notebook computer, 366MHz Mobile Pentium II / 288Mb RAM / 20Gb HD / SXGA / DVD-ROM / 100mbps Ethernet / 10-base-T Ethernet
Etymology: Named after a ship of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, as are most of my notebook computers (alluding to their mobility). Hence I have other notebooks named Numerramar and Hirilonde. Vingilótë is Quenya for "Foam-Flower" and was the ship in which in which Eärendil the mariner and his wife Elwing the White, the parents of Elrond and Elros, sailed to Aman near the end of the First Age to seek pardon and assistance from the Valar.


Date of acquisition: March, 1999
Source: PC Connection
Original cost: $3900
Total cost to date, including upgrades: $4550, including $300 for a Winnov VideumCam Traveler 2.0 (1999), $300 for a 12Gb HD (2000), and $50 for a 256Mb RAM DIMM (2002)


Brand and model: IBM ThinkPad A31p
Processor: 366MHz Mobile Pentium II
Memory: maxed out at 288Mb (32Mb baseline plus 512Mb DIMM)
Hard disk: originally 6Gb, temporarily replaced after failure with 12Gb drive, later upgraded with 20Gb drive from Earrame
Video card:
Display: SXGA (1200x1024 maximum resolution)
Wired network hardware: PCMCIA 10-base-T Ethernet interface card
Wireless network: none
Bluetooth: No
1394 Firewire: No
PCMCIA slots: 2
USB slots: 1 (back)
Optical media drive: CD-R/DVD-ROM


Current operating system: Windows 2000 Professional
Operating systems used: Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Pro
Current number of applications: About 40
Typical commit charge during regular usage: 200Mb
Typical commit charge during peak usage: 300-400Mb

Tags: computer hardware, computer profiles, computer software, computer specs, current computers, notebook computers

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