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Balrog Whap of DOOM!

Hey, figgylicious!

Check out my new "Balrog whap" icon:

The original animation (113Kb) is one of Balnazzar the Dreadlord from Warcraft III.

To fit it within 40Kb, I did the following using Adobe (Macromedia) Fireworks 8:

  • Used the magic wand tool to pick the image apart from the background, and deleted the background.

  • Pasted the (36) frames into a new 100x100 canvas.

  • Removed the last 17 frames out of 35, leaving just the right-handed whap (18 frames).

  • Saved smaller color lookup table (CLUT) automatically - this one has just 14 colors.

Here's a double whap. It's 60Kb, though, so it fits only on GreatestJournal, not LiveJournal.
Edit, 01:30 CDT Tue 15 Aug 2006 - The image on the right is a 40Kb version.

Tags: balrogs, icons, whapping, world of warcraft

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