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Another day, another icon...

... kindasorta. I've actually filled 132 of 133 slots, now. GJ is up to just shy of 600, whereas I think 1000 or 1500 is required for a fluent iconic lexicon. :-)

(I'd like to thank zengeneral for giving me a paid LJ account back in January, 2005. I think I will send him some undead minions as paybackrecompense.)

In any case, here's "honor". Having finally learned to do proper PNG/AniGIF fades in Macromedia Fireworks, I thought I'd press it into service as my "truth" and "justice" icon, as well.

Brandon Routh's Superman is herewith retired, and not a moment too soon.

Tags: addictions, computer addiction, honor, icons, livejournal, livejournal addiction

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