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Computer questions: motherboards, hibernation

Hey, I'm actually posting this on time (early Saturday morning)!
It's the Rapocalypse!

Thanks to all who have helped with previous ones, which I posted on:

Thanks to mythrocks for replying last week.

Here's my fortnightly update:

  • 1. X-Windows clients: I'm just going to use CygWin X.

  • 2. Ubercomputer motherboard and processors: I've decided that now that Hirilonde has stabilized and has a full complement of IDEs and communications software (Thunderbird, Live Mail Desktop, and Trillian Pro), I'm in no big hurry to upgrade. I'll definitely go for a Windows-only (to wit, Vista-only) Core Duo system now. Numerramar, Telperion, and Finrod all run Ubuntu, and that's plenty enough.

  • 3. PCI PCMCIA Wireless Card: Plug and Play in Linux?: taiji_jian and scottharmon both suggested this week that it may be a proprietary firmware issue, but I haven't looked into it in detail.

Now for the new questions...

Motherboard identification

Short of opening up the case and looking for model numbers, what's the most reliable, reasonably quick way of identifying the brand and model of a motherboard, and in particular to get the specs of on-board sound and video equipment? If your solution is supposed to work in Linux, is it distribution-independent?

Hibernation woes

What might cause a WinXP Pro system to refuse to hibernate, reporting an "insufficient system resources" error, and then revert to standby? I cannot even get Hirilonde to stand by reliably when I close the lid now - sometimes I have to go the the start menu and explicitly restart.

Exporting GMail to mail folders

Does anyone know how to export GMail messages to a series of text-based folders, provided that I have an IMAP server capable of serving them out?

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