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Fall kickoff

This fall, I am again teaching CIS 560 (Database System Concepts) and CIS 730 (Artificial Intelligence). The latter has an undergrad version, CIS 490 (to be listed as CIS 530 in subsequent years), with which it shares lectures.

I'm very excited about both courses this time: not only have I given AI an complete overhaul, but I've planned out three project topics that I think will keep students' attention. I've revamped the term projects and all homeworks in DB. The lectures are similar in content, but I have redistributed the lesson material and eliminated some advanced topics so as to spend more time working problems in class.

My first lectures of the year went rather well, though there were still a few kids in the back of my required course that didn't look too enthused. I have a plan to wake them up with some practical DB projects.

Tags: courses, projects, students, teaching

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